Your look speaks.


Today, everything is graphic design: your website, your business card, your flyers, your e-book. And graphic design has a power: the power of communication.

The problem is, graphic design communicates no matter what. If your website is old and bad designed, it will communicate that your company is not up-to-date.

That's why now is the best moment to invest in graphic design, for your company, and i will be happy to help you in this renewal process!

The service that fits you.

Flyers, business cards, websites...OMG!

It's just a matter of choice! You can renew just your site, or maybe revisit your entire image: change your logo, your business card, your brand identity.


I start with a sketch...


...on to realization...

Happiness enjoy the new graphics!

Procedure details.

Not enough!

On to details.

JS, PHP, HTML5, mySQLi, and all those nerdy terms!

In our modern age, graphic design alone is not enough. That's why i went further with tecnologies studing languages like Javascript, Html5, CSS3, Sass, PHP, mySQL, jQuery, to make an impact online.

Obviously, print is still a lot present. And about that, i have a decennial experience on Adobe products, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. After all, raster and vector will never die.

Success cases.

You will not be the first, and the last, either.

A lot of people had faith in me, and the result was a five-stars satisfaction on eLance ( a website for freelancers), and a product to be proud of.

My clients, in fact, start from U.S.A, pass trough Canada, go to U.K., Denmark, Germany, Italy, and then far away till Australia! Could that be called world-wide business?

What do you think, would you like to join those clients?

They've chosen me, and what are you waiting for?

Ready to Go!

Contact me for a no-obligation quote.

Dario Rigon

Graphic Designer

Born in 1987 and graduated as 'Tecnico grafico pubblicitario' at B.Montagna of Vicenza, lives at Monteforte d'alpone, Verona. After a long collaboration as employee with Globo Giocattoli S.p.A., he chooses the path of freelancing.